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New best alternative investments 2024

Millennials are turning to alternate investments amidst economic distress, with 43% of them making different financial investments between October 2022 and March 2023. One of the most preferred different investments among millennials are cryptocurrency, collectibles, and gold. The uncertainty of the securities market and the capacity for loss have actually led millennials to look for diversity through alternative investments.

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What are your views on the future of cryptocurrencies and traditional monetary policy?

Bitcoin experienced roller coaster price fluctuations from 2017 to 2018. as the country regulated Bitcoin trading venues, stopped ICO, and Bitcoin China stopped users Registration and other events, the price of Bitcoin began to plummet. Subsequently, with the launch of Bitcoin futures by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the United States and the introduction of the Japanese government's loose policy towards Bitcoin, Bitcoin began to have calls for developing into a "future currency". The price of overseas Bitcoin once approached US$20,000, and recently it has Hit back the $10,000 mark. At the same time, various doubts or admiration views on Bitcoin have begun to permeate the market. In the context of global currency inflation, frequent asset bubbles, and competition among...

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