New best alternative investments 2024

The traditional market may not be growing as fast, but it continues to contribute and invest wisely, and when you look back, you'll be impressed by how much it's compounded and grown.

Traditional investing remains largely unchanged, with returns related to the amount invested. Unless one has the foresight or luck to invest in one of the tech giants (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle) early on, they will still only get a meager return.

why millennials don't buy homes

Poor Millennials...maybe a little behind this "early madness"! They are anxious and disappointed! Don't know what will happen in the future!

Why do Millennials think this way? Is there really nothing left to hope for in the market? Could they have foreseen the future and known that the stock market would not provide long-term gains?

Every generation tries to get rich quick. But recently, look at the economic bubbles around the world today. Everyone is trembling with fear! Is the future promising?

Saving for retirement is a relatively new thing! Before that, there was nothing official - you were just cared for by family members or received handouts. So now people are forced to think forward as social expectations (debt/rent) are more demanding. For example, today’s real estate industry is devastating! House prices are like stock prices, making people dumbfounded! Many well-known real estate companies around the world are on the verge of bankruptcy! This does not happen by chance, there must be inherent inevitability. Maybe there are really huge loopholes in our traditional economic system! The logical relationship behind this is very complicated and needs to start hundreds of years ago, or even earlier, but one thing is for sure, capital is a freak without any nationality! But the seemingly decent and serious political system serves this freak!

Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

If you carefully review the process of establishing the world monetary system, you will know the secrets. But who has time to study these world problems?

However, at least the emergence of Bitcoin has given people who pursue freedom a little hope. It has allowed people to experience for the first time the mood of our ancestors thousands of years ago when they exchanged shells for food.

When Social Security fails, people will need to fall back on it. If the market fails too, with little to no returns after 30 years, or just down 40% around age 65 (fingers crossed you're 70 by then), then you're screwed too. Bitcoin may be an out...

A friend of mine is 35 years old and German. Her income is about the same as mine, which is a good number. She has been working in this field for nearly 6 years, traveling around the world to go to sporting events and concerts, always wearing new clothes and $300 worth of shoes, and living a life that looks good. But she still rents, has no savings, no investments, has never filed for a 401k, and has no assets except her aging vehicle. Investing is a luxury for her, let alone us hapless Millennials?

It is typical of young people to have a great job and have luxury goods forever without any planning for the future. What's wrong with that? The future of the world is left to the capable rich!

were cowrie shells used as currency before?

So,what is the best alternative investments 2024?

Big changes will take place in the next few years or even decades! Strange things can happen. Beach houses in many states in the United States have been surrendered by insurance companies! Just because tsunamis occur frequently! Overseas investment in every country is returning and shrinking, and every industry seems to have stopped expanding, waiting for the storm to come! As ordinary individuals, we have too few choices, but I believe you can do the following:

Don’t buy any large amounts of fixed capital, such as a house!
Don’t buy any big consumable items like cars!
Don't buy anything unnecessary.
Put your assets in different places, Forex, Bitcoin, Gold, or even beautiful seashells!