Wars, Economic Impact, and the Crypto Revolution

One of the most anticipated events in the cryptocurrency space is the potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF. If approved, this would open the door for institutional investors who have been waiting on the sidelines to enter the cryptocurrency market. The legitimacy and accessibility provided by ETFs will make it easier for traditional investors to allocate a portion of their portfolios to Bitcoin, potentially driving a flood of capital into the market.

Advantages and disadvantages of cash
Although you may worry about the following issues;
Most people are struggling with inflation, student loans, and upside-down car loans.
How retail investors get the money to invest in cryptocurrencies.
With loans tight and wages stagnant, could another stupid currency bull market emerge?
In this day and age, believe it or not, cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, have emerged as a new store of value and a means of hedging against traditional market volatility.
It will be interesting to see how many of us holders took profits during the bull market. History tells us we should, but at the same time, this asset will only become more scarce over time. As more people adopt cryptocurrencies and participate in Bitcoin, more diamond hands will default to holding Bitcoin for the long term. We can see Bitcoin becoming more stable over time and it seems to have a new purpose.
In 2023, the world is full of war. Bitcoin is like a ghost, shuttling between various interest groups around the world, quietly spreading crime and violence to the world. But is this Bitcoin’s fault? Shouldn't humans examine their own sins?
Today, countries in ongoing conflicts and preparing for conflict are using cryptocurrencies to fund their armies and move funds. For example, Ukraine received millions of dollars in aid through cryptocurrencies, which greatly helped them defend themselves. Russia, on the other hand, uses cryptocurrencies to circumvent international law and NATO sanctions on its commodity (oil) market.

cryptocurrency in war
As we all know, Bitcoin has become a tool of many wars. But saying that seems unfair to Bitcoin, which doesn’t seem to be actively involved.
What will happen to Bitcoin if the U.S. has a recession next year? I believe "I could be wrong" and recessions are generally not good for that. Also, what happens if EFT is not approved in January? Will it fall off again? I know the halving is coming, so if the first two things happened, what would be the expectations? Also, if BlackRock ends up owning EFT, will they end up controlling a lot of the supply and driving the price down to get us out, and then eat it all?
It's easy to answer it.
When things get bad, it's best to escape to Bitcoin.
When things are going well, and if you happen to have some spare cash, deposit it in Bitcoin.

With the war in Ukraine, crypto is having a moment
It can be seen that Bitcoin has not made any mistakes, although it often hovers on the edge of the traditional economic system and passively participates in various evil games, such as war...

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