When does bitcoin as a payment for work?

It is undeniable that Bitcoin has become more and more popular today, even though it once made people sad or crazy.First of all, even if a company is willing to pay you in Bitcoin, Do you accept it as a payment for your work? I know, Is it legal to pay wages in crypto? Even in countries where Bitcoin is legal, it may not be legal to pay employees in Bitcoin—at least directly. What is the attitude in your country? Accept or reject?I think most countries are silent. . In fact, even if there is support from the national legal level, most small businesses will find it difficult to respond!Some reasons why most small companies won't accept bitcoin:(1)A literal second...

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PayPal, Musk and Cryptocurrency

In 2020, institutional bulls lined up to enter the battle in the cryptocurrency field, which completely sounded the horn of institutional bulls. As a member of the institutional army, PayPal may have joined later. As an international trade payment tool pursued by hundreds of millions of users around the world, PayPal is one of the most widely used third-party payment tools in the world, established by Peter Thiel and Max Levchin. It serves more than 200 markets and supports more than 100 currencies. In cross-border transactions, nearly 70% of online cross-border buyers choose PayPal to pay for overseas shopping, which is a truly global payment platform. In fact, there is another key figure in PayPal's development history - Elon Musk,...

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