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Bitcoin · The Lord of the Rings · Musk

Musk puts on the Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings confuses the mind, whether it is for humans, elves, dwarves or hobbits, it is a huge temptation, only a few strong people who wear the ring are not corrupted.
There is a magical aura in the cryptocurrency circle. After wearing this ring, not many people can keep their hearts firm. Once they are caught in it, unless their hearts are particularly strong, they will become slaves to the ring.
In the real natural world, in addition to money, you can also look up at the stars and travel around the world.
In the world of the Internet, in addition to money, you can also surf the Internet and play games for leisure.
But in the cryptocurrency world, in addition to wealth is money, even sex can be abandoned.
Maybe many people like cryptocurrencies at first because of: curiosity about new things, trust in mathematical principles, dissatisfaction with "entropy increase in legal currency", and pursuit of "ultimate freedom"
But in the end, once entering this world, it is easy to be captured by the 24-hour K-line chart, confused by the wealth myth woven, and soon fall into the magic cave of money.
No single product is directly tied to money like cryptocurrencies.
Such a product is born a terrible "Lord of the Rings".
Musk wears it, will he be seduced by this "magic"?


The truth about Tesla.
No matter how great a king is, he cannot escape the clutches of the Lord of the Rings.
To analyze Musk, first analyze Tesla.
Let's take a look at Tesla's first-quarter earnings report:
Reported on April 27: Tesla’s first-quarter revenue was $10.39 billion, a year-on-year increase of 74%. Net income under GAAP was $438 million, the highest quarterly profit on record and the seventh consecutive quarter of positive earnings.
The company's free cash flow in the quarter was $293 million, compared with market expectations of negative $82.8 million; capital expenditures were $1.35 billion, compared with market expectations of $1.09 billion. Net bitcoin-related cash outflows for the quarter were $1.2 billion, with $101 million from bitcoin sales.
Tesla's main profit comes from the $518 million in the sale of regulatory credits, and the other is the profit from the sale of bitcoin. Without regulatory credits, Tesla would have lost money for the quarter. GAAP net income for the next quarter is only $438 million.

Look at the key points:
Behind Tesla’s first-quarter net profit of $438 million is the diligent sale of $518 million in carbon emission credits and the easy gain of $101 million in bitcoin price difference.
That is to say, if Musk does not sell carbon and does not speculate on coins.
If it was just selling cars, Tesla would have lost $181 million.
What would you think if you were Musk.
I have worked hard on this hardware for more than ten years, and I almost couldn’t survive several times. Fortunately, I have an ideal and a family to persist until today. So far, I have lost money selling cars, and I have been scolded by consumers every day. Don’t just stop selling cars. It’s hard to make money. It’s better to “bring goods” for cryptocurrency. You can earn 100 million a day.
In the world of brick-and-mortar industries, Tesla still has many competitors.
In the cryptocurrency world, Musk is the king of the world.

The blood of financial capital

Compared with the call for wind and rain in the encrypted world, Musk is heavily constrained in the traditional world.
I still remember in 2018, he cried to the whole world like a big boy.
This year was the "hardest and most painful year" of his career, with financial capital from Wall Street shorting Tesla.
This man, who is considered to have great dreams, is the Iron Man who builds energy vehicles, develops rockets, flies to Mars, tests brain-computer interfaces, and builds virtual worlds.
He not only shouted slogans, but he was able to implement these whimsical things.
With one's own power, pry up the entire human dream.
However, this technically unrestrained, all need to pay real money.
In 2004, Musk led the A-round investment in Tesla and became the largest shareholder;
In 2005, Musk quickly led Tesla's $13 million Series B;
In 2006, Musk co-led a $40 million Series C round;
In 2007, the money was burned quickly. In 2007, Musk led the fourth round of financing of 45 million US dollars, and the two founders of Google were persuaded to participate;
In 2008, when Tesla was on the brink of collapse, Musk persuaded Daimler to exchange $50 million for a 10% stake in Tesla;
In 2010, Tesla was cash-strapped, and Toyota was persuaded to also provide Tesla with around $50 million in financing.

Along the way, we have to make breakthroughs in the most cutting-edge technologies, and at the same time, we have to obtain massive capital support.
Anyone who has ever started a business knows how difficult it is, which is why Musk is supported by so many people.
Shorted by the capital market in 2018, Musk was on the verge of collapse. When Tesla was about to bear fruit, Wall Street financial capital, which has always been bloodthirsty and cunning, showed its fierce fangs, trying to drive down the stock price and control Tesla. Musk ran out of ammunition at the time.
Had it not been for the Chinese government to lend a hand this time, he would have succumbed to financial capital and handed over control.
What an industrial capitalist fears most is the bayonet behind a financial capitalist.
In Musk's legendary life, this life experience must be his "darkest" moment.
It is not enough to just do a good job in the industry, but also need to have the ability to manipulate finance.
This is only the conclusion drawn by Musk.
But Wall Street financial giants have been in business for a century, how could they give you a chance?

The thrill of "financial marijuana"

In the financial circle of the real world, the vested interests are already tight.
As powerful as Musk, he is also hunted.
How to go from an industrial capitalist to a cross-border financial capitalist, get rid of the control of these devils on Wall Street, and then take both.
Opportunities in the world of cryptocurrencies are both accidental and inevitable for Musk.

The quantum school predicted as early as 2018 in "Bitcoin's Hundred Years of War History" that if the Internet giant will raise the banner of "cryptocurrency", it will be Musk.
His ability to learn, his unconventional path, his unscrupulousness, his challenges to the real world, and his struggle with financial capital may all make him take the lead on the path of cryptocurrency.
On December 20, 2020, Musk tweeted bitcoin content and began to test the waters of the cryptocurrency world.
On January 29, Musk changed his Twitter "profile" to Bitcoin.
Bitcoin jumped up to $800 in a short-term, and once reached as high as $32,000 per piece.
This is finance, this is market manipulation, this is the thrill of Wall Street.
At this moment, Musk took a heavy sip of "financial marijuana".
Intense, fun, and fluttering.
The taste of landing on Mars, I'm afraid it's nothing more than that.
Musk has tasted the sweetness of capital control on Bitcoin.
Before that, he had already laid out Bitcoin at $25,000 per piece.
According to Tesla’s filing with the SEC on February 8, Tesla bought $1 billion worth of Bitcoin in January this year, which means that Tesla’s investment made a profit in just one month. $1 billion.
"Financial marijuana" is addictive, especially cryptocurrencies, and that's the magic of the Lord of the Rings.

The "king" of the currency circle

As smart as Musk, he immediately discovered an operation bug of his own.

Why do you want to call for Bitcoin? This is a market close to $1 trillion, and the chips in your hand are only $1 billion.
Isn't this making wedding clothes for others? Especially the Grayscale Fund, which holds 600,000 bitcoins, these people are not the same Wall Street bastards who pitted themselves back then.
The traffic and character I have worked so hard to save over the years, why should I "bring goods" to you?
Musk, who stood as a financial capitalist, wanted to understand this in an instant.
Anyway, they all bring goods, and what coins are not the same.
And the currency of Dogecoin, you can take all the chips first.
The operation of Bitcoin made him familiar, and this time the operation was more handy.
The holdings of Dogecoin are very concentrated. There is an address suspected to be controlled by Musk, and the holdings are as high as nearly 40 billion!
On April Fool's Day on April 1, Musk tweeted that he would use a SpaceX rocket to send Dogecoin to the moon. "To the moon" became the slogan of Dogecoin, and the price of Dogecoin continued to soar that day.
Musk single-handedly pulled up a new currency, and countless people reveled with the leader of the horse.
On April 15th, Musk posted again and matched the well-known painting "Barking at the Moon" by Spanish artist Joan. Miro. The popular Dogecoin completely opened up a magnificent historical surge.
Before Musk brought the goods, the unit price of Dogecoin was only about US$0.004, and the highest price rose to nearly US$0.75, an increase of nearly 200 times.
When he raised Dogecoin, he did not forget to step on Bitcoin.
On May 13, Musk tweeted that Bitcoin was too unfriendly and Tesla would stop accepting Bitcoin payments. The price of Bitcoin plummeted from $55,000 to $45,000 within 2 hours, and over 6 billion funds were forced to liquidate. .
There is no SEC penalty here, and no socialist hammer.
One sentence, one word, one picture, or even one joke of Musk can make virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Shiba Inucoin skyrocket and plummet.
At this moment, Musk is aloof, like a god in control of the life and death of the currency circle.

The Hobbit Vitalik Buterin

Who can resist such temptation?
Turning over the hand is the cloud, covering the hand is the rain.
In a split second, hundreds of millions of dollars are coming in and out.
Is Musk at this time still the same Musk who dreams of going to Mars on a Falcon rocket?
The cryptocurrency at this time is the freedom sanctuary that advocates "decentralization"?
Musk’s current status is a blatant satire of decentralization.
He enjoys being high and fooling others.
All his actions are like "Angmar Witch King" controlled by the most powerful ring.
At this time, it reminds people of Satoshi Nakamoto.
The true godfather of Bitcoin, the master of encryption technology.
In 2011, when Bitcoin began to expand around the world, he went out of his way and went into hiding.
Lead by example and practice the concept of decentralization.
Coincidentally, after donating 10% of the SHIB he held, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, directly burned the remaining 90% of the SHIB worth about $7.7 billion in his wallet. Seeing money as dung, it truly has the temperament of God.
Why would Vitalik Buterin burn 90% of SHIB? He said the reason for the decision to destroy and abandon SHIB was not wanting to be the "seat of power" for the project.
Satoshi Nakamoto not only built a great payment system, but also a Supreme Lord of the Rings.
Only a hobbit like Vitalik Buterin, who is simple-minded and likes a simple and sunny life, can face all temptations.
But what about Musk, is he a pure hobbit, or a greedy human?
Musk still underestimated the power of the Lord of the Rings, because he did not think carefully about the difficulty of building the Lord of the Rings.
He treats Bitcoin on the same level as Dogecoin, without awe.

You know, as a pioneer, it was not easy for Satoshi Nakamoto to create the Supreme Lord of the Rings, Bitcoin.
Until the late 1990s, asymmetric encryption was considered military and was under the scrutiny of the United States Security Agency (NSA). Although after this, the NSA ostensibly gave up control of encryption technology, allowing these technologies to enter the public domain and make them widely used in network communications.
But in fact, the NSA has been reaching out to the field of encryption. By inserting a backdoor into the encryption algorithm, and then promoting the backdoored algorithm into a standard algorithm, it can easily and widely obtain user information.
Satoshi Nakamoto did not trust the encryption technology announced by the NSA. In 2013, Snowden revealed that the NSA uses secret methods to control international encryption standards. The elliptic curve function used in encrypted currency may leave a backdoor, and the NSA can weaken this curve in an unknown way.
Fortunately, Satoshi Nakamoto did not use the NSA standard, he chose the Secp256k1 curve, as shown, it is a random curve, not a pseudo-random curve.
As a result, relying on the elliptic curve Secp256k1, Bitcoin successfully "rebelled" against the NSA. Only a few programs in the world have escaped this loophole, and Bitcoin is one of them.
The Math World online math encyclopedia gives an excellent and complete definition.
Due to the particularity of its structure, the elliptic curve Secp256k1 ensures the security of key pair generation and signature verification, and establishes a strong natural barrier for Bitcoin.
The Secp256k1 used by Bitcoin is not a pseudo-random curve, allowing it to escape and eventually become the king of cryptocurrencies.
After suffering, Bitcoin became the Lord of the Rings.
It can be seen that the reason why the Lord of the Rings has demagogic power is that it is indeed hard-won.
If a person who holds the precepts can use its positive power without being corroded, he can indeed add wings to his career.

Frodo, or Saruman?

As a great idealist, Musk once gave hope to mankind.

In such a materialistic era, there is still one person who insists on his ideals.
This is also an important reason why Tesla owners pay the bill. We are not driving, but supporting our dreams.
Therefore, Musk is also known as the Iron Man of Silicon Valley.
As the CEO of the world's largest car company by market value, and the initiator of high-tech projects such as Falcon Rocket, Sun City, Hyperloop, and Brain-Computer Interface, Musk is one of the few heroes who can fight against the real world.
Such a spiritual idol, an entity entrepreneur who leads the times. If you put on the ring of cryptocurrency and become a servant of Sauron in the world of money, it is really a great loss to the human world.

Anyone who has been in the cryptocurrency world for a long time can perceive:
This world can destroy their will, and if they are not consciously aware of this, they will eventually be gradually corroded and become a Nazgul.
In the face of your own power in the world of cryptocurrencies, and in the face of this huge wealth at your fingertips.
Will Musk end up being Frodo or Saruman?

Let's wait and see..

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