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Where do we go next to CryptoCurrency in the long future?shoule we cash out or keep on?

2013-14 bull market featured alt coins and gpu mining. 2017-2018 featured ETH, ICO's and to some degree forking. 2020-2022 was NFT's and ETH layer 2's or alternative chains. Where do we go next? Maybe as I said before,Bitcoin is the Lord of the Rings.   When I started with crypto in 2013 I was taking a small gamble as I was (relatively) young and in good health. I was single, living paycheck to paycheck and managed to scrap together money to acquire some mining rigs. I've never exited since. The mining rigs turned inefficient and were shut down around 2019. Currently I'm an old man with a considerable amount of my individual wealth still invested. 90% of the tasks I've...

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What's Going on with Ethereum? will it reach $2,300 by the end of Q4 2023?

ETH is probably the most liquid aside from BTC, so naturally its volatility is much lower than altcoins. It will certainly catch up. BTC is up a significant amount via the ETF narrative and also kind of acts as a proxy for crypto as a whole since it gets the most exposure. Since September 1st, BTC is up 40%, SOL is up 100%, LINK is up 150%, MATIC is up 46%, ADA is up 40%, DOT is up 30%. AVAX is up 31%. And ETH… ETH is up 16%. These are all large-cap tokens too. Even DOGE is up higher than ETH (19%). ETH dominance is dropping to its lowest level since the 2022 summer crash, both against BTC and...

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