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Stocks are actually a game of capital

In life, there is a mysterious battlefield, where there is no smoke, but the smell of money is everywhere. That is the stock market, a capital game field full of temptation and risk. Every day, countless investors fight in it, hoping to get a share of it. But are stocks really just a simple tool for making money?

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1. The capital drama behind stocks

Stocks are just a kind of ownership certificate issued by companies to raise funds. But behind this certificate, there are countless stories and games. Major shareholders, institutional investors, retail investors, and all kinds of people compete in the stock market. Who can laugh to the end is often not based on luck, but on strength and wisdom.

2. Behind success: tenacity and wisdom

We often see that those successful investors, whether Buffett or Soros, have a deep background and professional quality. But how do grassroots investors gain a foothold in the stock market? They may not have a prominent family background or a top educational background, but they have one thing that is indispensable-that is tenacity and wisdom.

Grassroots investors have experienced ups and downs in the stock market. They are not arrogant in the bull market and not discouraged in the bear market. They are well aware of the cruelty of the stock market, but also understand the opportunities contained therein. They continue to learn, practice, accumulate experience, and improve their investment capabilities.

3. Stock market investment: Strategy and mentality are equally important

In the stock market, successful investors must not only have the right investment strategy, but also have a good mentality. In the face of market fluctuations, they can remain calm and not be swayed by emotions. They know that investment is a marathon, not a 100-meter sprint. Only steady steps and firm beliefs can get them to the end.

4. Grassroots counterattack: not a myth, but a reality

Perhaps you think that the grassroots counterattack is just a myth in the stock market. But in fact, such stories are common in the stock market. Many grassroots investors have become capital giants through unremitting efforts and wise decisions. They have proved with their actual actions that as long as they have dreams, courage, and wisdom, anyone can write their own legend in the stock market.

5. Conclusion: The stock market is risky, and investment needs to be cautious

Of course, we cannot ignore the risks of the stock market. Investment is a game, which may result in rich returns or huge losses. Therefore, as investors, we must always keep a clear mind and make careful decisions.

Stocks are not just a certificate, but also a contest of wisdom, courage and tenacity. In this capital game field, everyone has the potential to be a winner. But the premise is that you must be fully prepared, constantly learn, practice, and accumulate experience. Only in this way can you gain a foothold in the stock market and ultimately realize your dream of wealth.

So, when you stand at the threshold of the stock market, you might as well ask yourself: Are you ready? Do you have enough wisdom and courage to face this capital game field full of temptations and risks? If you are ready, then step in bravely! Because here, everyone has the potential to become a capital crocodile!

How big a background do you have to be successful? Grassroots managers have survived the storms and waves without being humble or arrogant. Can you do it?

Everyone is looking for the next thing in Al right now. I think after this move on $SMCI we'll have to look for another play.

$SMCI has a tiny float that no one seems to understand from what I can tell. They also don’t have a large market cap just a high stock price due to their smaller float.

$MU has earnings next week if it's good we can get a good move up like $NVDA had initially during the start of this crazy run.

$ARM has no history so people can be playing the upside future.

What are you all looking at as the next big mover ?


The game of capital is set by the rich, and the means of making high profits is to find ways to empty the money in the pockets of ordinary people. When ordinary people's money is emptied or they spend cautiously, capitalists use various means to create anxiety, panic, pain, pressure, and illusion, just like a wolf-eating-sheep-style encirclement, so that ordinary people pay for it again. For example: credit cards, pre-consumption and over-consumption of housing loans, etc. Therefore, behind all the great wealth, there are hidden evils.

According to the classical theory of Marxism-Leninism, once capitalists have acquired strong economic power, they will start to plot against the country..

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