How to take profits and figure out the best way to exit the bull Bitcoin market?

Bitcoin’s performance this year has been amazing, entering a stage of accelerated growth. As of the end of March, it was rising almost every day, with a cumulative increase of more than 40% that month!
Although Bitcoin is likely to fluctuate within this range under the current circumstances, the continued influx of "smart money" and institutional funds, especially MicroStrategy's latest large investment, is more likely to deepen people's confidence in Bitcoin as a store of value, and releases a long-term bullish signal!

So, where will Bitcoin go next? Generally speaking, it maybe be divided into three directions:

1. In the short term, Bitcoin will fluctuate between $60,000 and $65,000 after breaking through the $60,000 resistance level;
2. In the medium term, as the $60,000 resistance level is broken down, the price will remain above this level;
3. In the long term, Bitcoin may remain between $65,000 and $70,000 for a period of time and test new all-time highs.

How do you approach profit-taking in crypto?

Do you have specific targets or milestones you aim for? Are there certain indicators or signals you rely on to signal when it's time to sell? 

Do you know how to set a trailing stop-loss?You need to accept you will never buy or sell at the optimal time.Suppose you put 7000$ and it goes to 9000$, you can put your limit sell to 8000$, so you can still win more, but no matter what happens you will be in profit if you sell.
Therefore, the issues to be discussed in this article seem to have become simpler. Everything depends on how you plan your happy life. After all, high-quality life is the most important!If you enjoy buying and watching crypto grow and you have enough fiat to sustain your lifestyle and achieve your goals then hold onto your coins. If you need money now, then sell some.


In the face of bull and bear markets, we need to face them calmly. Because they are like twin brothers, we can't tell them apart at all.


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