Bitcoin will Stable in the future?

For bitcoin to bottom here’s what the market wants to see — and it could mean a further 30% drop
But That's not what we're talking about though.
One bitcoin can equal many different values when you measure it in fiat. Just like gold, groceries, oil, etc. but by 2140 there will be 21 million btc. No more. Thats why 1 btc = 1 btc. However when it comes to USD or any other central bank issued fiat, they have been constantly printing it since its inception, and more importantly they will never stop. Some years they will print more fiat then others so the rate of devaluation will be higher then, but they will always be printing. $1 from the past will never equal $1 in the future. It will always be less.
r/Bitcoin - You Said Bitcoin Was Stable
We all know,Fiat currencies work through inflation. $1 in 1900 equals $0.07 in 2022.
The argument that 1 BTC = 1 BTC is the same that $1 = $1. The comparison that the VALUE of the dollar just like the VALUE of Bitcoin changes over time isn't what we're talking about.
If you want to talk about inflation, then fine. First, let's look at Bitcoin. Sure it's deflationary long term, but there are dark crypto winters. Someone who had $60,000+ Bitcoin in 2021 would only have $20,000 worth today. Is that how people should be living? So you think it's unfair that I expressed it in USD right? Fine. 1 BTC in 2021 could buy you a Tesla Model 3. It can no longer do so. In fact it can't even buy you a Toyota Camry today. If people need to pay bills, rent, etc, landlords aren't going to accept a 60%+ paycut in value. The whole premise of OP's post is actually to deflect about the price volatility of Bitcoin and to completely ignore it.
Second, no one is advised to hold USD cash from 1900 to 2022. That's just dumb. Everyone who talks about that is retarded here. There's a reason IRAs, 401ks, etc all exist and with retail investing at an all time high now, I'm surprised people still think that savings = holding cash in your bank or under your mattress. Or maybe y'all are just being really dishonest because that hasn't been the recommended way of saving for decades now.
Instead of talking about $1 cash, why not talk about how people actually manage their money?  My problem with this sub is people don't even manage fiat in their life properly. Yes, right now you can talk about the 20% decline in the stock market, and people also like to point at 2008, but we also can't ignore that the S&P500 is up 150% over 2007 highs. If we go back 30 years, the S&P 500 has 10x-ed. 40 years? Basically what people save for retirement 30x+. Now that doesn't sound sexy compared to 28394723% growth in Bitcoin but guess what? If you actually saw your Bitcoin grow that much you would be on a private island now and not chatting on Reddit. 99.9999% of you all missed the meteoric rise in Bitcoin, but somehow think that by getting in now or whenever you did you can still get rich.
And finally, all this talk about inflation. Yes, inflation is a buzz word in 2021/2022. But did you care about inflation over the decade before the pandemic when it was < 2% average? Even 10 year average of inflation including today is < 3%. But let me guess, you never cared there were tried and true ways of beating inflation all these years and all of a sudden it's the worst thing in the world.
Someone say: Bitcoin Hit $100,000 in 2024.
So,is it so important if the bitcoin Stable or not?

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