Bitcoin as a luxury good,is another scam?

Recently, China's largest purchasing agents, pandabuy were raided by the Chinese government and certain organizations in the UK. Six warehouses have not been inspected until today. With potentially millions of packages being delayed, this is the largest clearance campaign conducted by a well-known European brand in China so far. The reason may be that the swoosh brand in Nike has encountered unprecedented attacks in the counterfeit market. tiktok acted as a catalyst.

Millions of international buyers are talking about this, after all, they are also victims. Some buyers actually think that those luxury brands are actually scams, and they don’t want to be fooled, so they buy fakes! Here are some of their views;

(1) “Designer” brand like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Versace etc are all scams. The only difference is they are legal scams. First off the people that buy these clothing items are all being influenced to truly believe that these items are worth 10x what they're actually worth. You should not be paying $1000 for a pair of shoes. I don't care what they look like or what brand they are. Most of these people don't even like the clothing they buy, they just buy it because they're told they need it and if you have money you need to buy "quality" clothing.
(2) They're not legal scams. They're companies that prey on materialistic idiots. Same for any luxury brand of anything. It's less of scam than it is a predatory marketing tactic that feeds on peoples worst insecurities/social fallacies. I can't tell you how many young guys right out of business school drive Benz's and wear designer suits to get in their car and drive home to their 1 bedroom apartment without a proper dining room table or a dollar in savings.

What are your thoughts on these comments?

Will Bitcoin be a luxury product in the future?

Does it have some of the characteristics of a luxury product?

A new Forbes analysis of 157 crypto exchanges finds that 51% of the daily bitcoin trading volume being reported is likely bogus.

Perhaps people in the future will be as passionate about gold as Indians are today and regard it as a symbol of wealth and power!

If the future of Bitcoin ends like this, how would you view the Bitcoin in your hand today?

Imagine again, will some international consortium go to your home in the future to question the legal source of your Bitcoin and try to confiscate it? Bitcoin may also become a brand in the future (although I don’t know if Satoshi Nakamoto will be resurrected on time), it is not just a currency. Maybe the Bitcoin in your hand will be "illegal" under the legal framework of some organizations in the future. Although it is also earned  through kinds of bitcoin miners or purchased through the platform. (Some brands of mining machines and platforms may also have legal and illegal distinctions in the future).

Everything is still speculation. This uncertainty has been accompanied by Bitcoin throughout its life cycle and is still the case today. This is also one of the reasons why Bitcoin cannot be circulated around the world.

How was silver replaced by gold? You must be familiar with it.

Behind every story there are always countless truths that cannot be disclosed. Those truths are the essence of this world, but it is a pity that most people cannot see them at all..

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