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If the world's gold disappeared overnight, what impact would it have on the economy?

What if all the gold in a certain country disappears overnight? This is an assumption that is difficult to implement in the real world. 1. Let’s first look at what gold is? Gold was once currency, it was once the "collateral" (gold reserves) for banks to issue banknotes, and it was once the reference for determining currency exchange rates around the world (Bretton Woods system). However, since the United States became overwhelmed and discovered that gold was rapidly flowing to benefiting European countries, it announced the dissolution of the Bretton Woods system and replaced it with the Jamaica Agreement. This agreement clearly stated that the U.S. dollar would no longer have an exchange relationship with gold, and gold would no...

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What's Going on with Ethereum? will it reach $2,300 by the end of Q4 2023?

ETH is probably the most liquid aside from BTC, so naturally its volatility is much lower than altcoins. It will certainly catch up. BTC is up a significant amount via the ETF narrative and also kind of acts as a proxy for crypto as a whole since it gets the most exposure. Since September 1st, BTC is up 40%, SOL is up 100%, LINK is up 150%, MATIC is up 46%, ADA is up 40%, DOT is up 30%. AVAX is up 31%. And ETH… ETH is up 16%. These are all large-cap tokens too. Even DOGE is up higher than ETH (19%). ETH dominance is dropping to its lowest level since the 2022 summer crash, both against BTC and...

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